Wednesday, June 25, 2008

COSMEDIX Lightening Fading Serum

Cosmedix Lightening Fading Serum is an "all natural" skin lightener that inhibits the pigmentation process and effectively normalizes over-functioning melanin production. Healthy exfoliation is accelerated by the use of an effective AHA (lactic acid). This serum is also loaded with multi-purpose anti-oxidants, such as green tea and Vitamin E.

It is a simple but powerful serum that keeps the skin soft and supple with the beta-carotene it contains. It is always recommended to have more than one component to interfere with the melaongenesis process, and this product does just that, while ensuring minimal irritation thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of licorice and alpha-bisabolol. Maximize the effects, minimize irritation and inflammation? Simple perfection.