Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MD SKINCARE Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel

The Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel is a two-step exfoliation system that is as easy as sweeping two moist, ready-to-use pads over your skin. That's it!

After swiping the first pad in circular motions over your face, wait for two minutes, then follow with the second one. The first pad contains alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl acids, both working to exfoliate dead surface cells along with other great ingredients to ensure minimal irritation (if any). There are also anti-oxidants from green tea, soothing anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile and anti-aging benefits to boost collagen production. The second pad gives the skin a vitamin boost while providing a cocktail of anti-oxidants that enhance each other's capabilities, promote cell regeneration and offer other key components needed for the skin to synthesize collagen.

This two part product is an easy 'no-mess' exfoliating system, beneficial for any skin type, and completes the process with ingredients able to penetrate quickly on fresh, exfoliated skin. Great for the face, but also incredible for the backs of your hands. This two-step is not only easy, but ultra convenient for traveling. MD Skincare packaged these pads in individual packets so you can just throw a couple into your cosmetic bag and off you go. All the way around, this product is a winner.