Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Skin Care Economy

A friend of mine buys her skin care at the local drug store and told me that I am wasting my money seeing an esthetician every month. I have to admit, money is tight these days and it started me thinking. I don't want to stop altogether because I can see a difference in my skin but wondered if I would I still get the same results if I cut my appointments back to once every two or three months?

There are a few things to be considered in order to answer your question. If you are having esthetic treatments to treat specific concerns then it is a good idea to maintain your regime for the best results. For example, if you have problem skin your esthetician will give you treatments to help detoxify your skin, rebalance sebum secretions, promote exfoliation, enhance product penetration, healing, regeneration and re-balancing. Your treatments and homecare products will be adjusted according to the changes in your skin. Professional products are more specific than those bought over-the-counter and will be chosen to meet your particular needs to ensure better results. On that note, professional products usually last longer making your dollar stretch a little more. Anti-age treatments, depending on the program your esthetician has designed for you, will also offer you better results if carried out on a regular basis. You could try to expand your homecare program by masking more often and adding an intensive serum to your regime which should give you a little leeway on extending the time between treatments.

In our opinion, over the counter products are not specific enough, nor are they recommended by a skin specialist who can actually look and feel your skin to prescribe the correct products. They may slow dehydration and provide basic care, but if you are seriously looking for results and age prevention keep going for esthetic care, even if you have to go less often. Discuss it with your esthetician and let her help determine what you can do at home in between visits to help your skin the most. The esthetician's goal is to give you results, not just retail a product.